The Dentsu Tec Group comprises a collection of professionals who solve issues related to all aspects of promotion, focusing on the digital.
We provide:

  • Marketing capability to analyze client data and identify issues
  • Planning capability to come up with ideas and solve issues by focusing on results
  • Execution capability to deliver top-quality promotion using cutting-edge technology

And we use these capabilities to put our clients’ wishes into effect by investing their marketing budget in the most effective way possible.
In an increasingly digitalized environment, issues related to promotion are more challenging and complex, requiring solutions to be devised and executed with a focus on maximizing sales.
Our greatest strength as a company is that we can combine our Group’s array of specialist resources at will to provide end-to-end delivery of optimal solutions to our clients’ issues, from planning through implementation.
I encourage you to make use of our services throughout the process from planning to execution. That will enable us—as a collection of professionals with cutting-edge expertise in combining promotion with digital technologies—to generate the greatest possible marketing efficacy from your valuable budget.

Yasuhiro Matsubara
President & CEO



Representative DirectorYasuhiro Matsubara

EstablishedJanuary 4, 2017.

Capital1,000 million yen

Number of Employees871 (As of July 1, 2018)